PLAY-DOH Wheels Crane and Forklift Construction Toys

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Lift and lug, heave and haul – with a little creativity, you can do it all. Imagine your own PLAY-DOH construction site with these 2 fun construction toys for kids ages 3 and up. With PLAY-DOH cement building' Compound, builders can create cement slabs, beams, blocks, or any other shape They can imagine. It's the same non-toxic PLAY-DOH compound we all know and love, except with glittery specks mixed in to look like cement. The crane toy squeezes 4 fun shapes like logs and beams with its rail accessory. It's also got a detachable cutter and a removable crate to mould rocks. And that's not all. The forklift toy slides up and down to lift loads of PLAY-DOH beams and bricks, and it has fun moulds on the side to create signs and other construction gear. Look for other PLAY-DOH wheels construction toys and grab some more buildings' Compound for a full-on building Bonanza with your little toy truck fan. Other sets sold separately.